What our readers think

"We live in Brussels and it's important for us as a family, and for my 11 year old daughter to keep abreast of current affairs, as she is Anglophone first and cannot rely solely on French language news."
"I love The Week Junior my whole family peeks. I love it so much I've been using it for homework, I enjoyed learning about endangered primates."
"I really like The Week Junior because it is a gentle way to expose your knowledge to the world around me"
"I love The Week Junior! I always read it just as it comes through the letter box and share the mind-boggling facts with my family. It’s a great magazine! Thank you for creating a child version of The Week! I enjoy it so much!"
"We bought some copies of the magazine for our two children last year and thought it was great lots of interesting stuff and clearly written in a way that's easy for kids to understand (and explained a few things to mum and dad too!) Our son particularly loved it so we bought the subscription for him (and we get to read it too, no ulterior motives there then!)."
"My son is 10 and is very interested in the world around him. I thought this magazine was perfect for him."
"I love your new magazine so my mum has bought me a subscription"
"I've really enjoyed reading my first copy of The Week Junior. We have a news quiz at school and I was able to answer all the questions correctly as I was full of facts after reading your magazine!"
"I am very happy with The Week Junior. I cannot find any fault in it. I am enjoying it very much and I am always saying how brilliant it is."
"I love reading your magazine and l think it's really interesting. I think it would be a good idea to have a recipe of the week where people can put forward one of their favourite recipes. I could give you a recipe to start it off."
"My grandson is 10 years old and very inquisitive and thirsty for knowledge, I felt this was an excellent way of keeping him up to date with world events and news without bombarding him and it's written in a way that he can understand and engage with."
" I think The Week Junior is a great way to keep updated on the latest news. Each article is really interesting and I always look forward to reading it every week. I like the way there are always opportunities for readers to get involved."
"I think last week's Week Junior was amazing. All of the stories were fascinating. The pictures were brilliant! I can't wait until next week. I bet it is going to be amazing again"
"I really enjoy this magazine because it introduces young readers to all the news in an easy to read and informal style. Some of the facts I read in the first issue helped me achieve top marks in our history test a few weeks ago which I was very pleased about, and now I am an avid reader of it!"
"I love looking at the photos of the week in your magazine. I especially loved the marvelous meteors image. I used it as inspiration for my creative writing lesson."
"I love The Week Junior magazine, it is really interesting and always helps me with my general knowledge."
"I've really enjoyed reading my first copy of The Week Junior. We have a news quiz at school and I was able to answer all the questions correctly as I was full of facts after reading your magazine!"
" I have just started reading The Week Junior magazine which is brill. And I wanted to send my pictures from a wet and windy bike ride…I hope you can use my pictures. I would be so chuffed to see them"
"I read The Week Junior every week because I really want to understand the world!"
"I like The Week Junior because it's nice to get something in the post for you each week that tells you about what's happening in the world at the moment."
"I thought the recipients would enjoy The Week Junior as much a I enjoy The Week"
"My grandson is fascinated by animals, geography and general information and The Week Junior offers a wide variety of information."
"My parents gave me a subscription to The Week Junior for Christmas and I love it! It's packed with fascinating facts and interesting stuff."
"I really enjoy The Week Junior as it is full of interesting facts! It really helps me do my homework as I have just moved up to year 7. Don’t stop writing The Week Junior"
"I thought it was a brilliant magazine and I hope it goes well because children of my age will 'Love' it very much."
"I found it so exciting and interesting. When I first got given the magazine, I thought Wow! It is so bold and colourful, it really catches your eye and makes you desperately want to read it."
"I thought it was informative, but it also had fun articles about skateboarding dogs and gorillas winning awards for picking their noses. Personally, I would say this magazine is perfect and needs almost no improvements."
"The overall content of the magazine [is] amazing in every way."
"I think the magazine was a brilliant mix of funny and serious articles that I very much enjoyed."
"This magazine was outstanding, informative, brilliant and was an amazing idea. There are so many entrancing articles that I cant say what I liked the most; I liked all of it!"
"Just emailing to say how much I'm loving your magazine and hope for it to continue for many years to come. I was particularly moved by the story of Henry Worsley. He deserved a mention for what he went through. Thank you very much for posting me a magnificent magazine every Friday."
"Hi, my names Willow! I'm in year 6 and am 11 years old. I wasn't too sure on The Week Junior at first but my family was telling me I should give it a go after seeing an advertisement in The Week. I was a bit delayed on reading the first one but when I finally found time in my fully packed week - I didn't want to stop reading! The Week Junior helps me to stay in contact with the world without reading news off the internet which might not be true. I have loved all of the issues and can't wait for the next ones! Thanks!"